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Your Native Yard

wild geranium

Your Native Yard — Native Plant Garden Consultation with Rachel Mackow, co-owner of Wild Ridge Plants

Your Native Yard is a virtual/distance consulting service offered by Wild Ridge Plants. Designed for hands-on gardeners who want to beautify their landscape with native plants, Your Native Yard provides guidance for choosing natives that will succeed in your garden.

We will work together on your garden project – whether you have a blank slate or are augmenting a thriving garden, or something in between. Recommended plants will be based upon your habitat and gardening goals, including providing for wildlife and pollinators, butterfly and moth host plants, and even native edibles.

What Your Native Yard includes:

You will come away with a tailored plant list for each garden based upon your land’s conditions, including sunlight/shade, moisture, and soil conditions. Plant lists feature a picture of the species, the plant’s height, deer resistance rating, siting conditions, and a brief description.

A one-page report accompanies each plant list, briefly describing your goals and garden’s conditions, any special considerations for specific species, and recommended groupings.

In addition, you will receive a half hour follow up phone conversation to discuss your plant lists.

Please note, this service is virtual and does not include site visits.

How Your Native Yard works:

  • Book a free 15 minute introductory consultation via phone – we will discuss your garden and goals for planting natives.
  • If you’d like to sign up for the complete Your Native Yard consultation, provide the following details:
    • One photograph of each garden you’d like a native plant list for
    • Description of each garden’s light, moisture and soil conditions
    • Whether deer have access to your garden/s or not
    • Any specific goals or preferences for your garden/s
  • You’ll be provided with specially crafted plant lists and reports for your gardens within 5-10 business days.
  • We’ll follow up with a half hour phone call to discuss your native gardens and plant lists.

Your Native Yard Fee structure:
Each consultation starts with a free minute sample consultation via phone.

$130 for one garden and half hour follow up phone call.

$215 for two plant lists and half hour follow up phone call.

$85 for each additional plant list, up to 5 gardens total. Includes a half hour follow up phone call.