A Guide to Restoring Edible and Medicinal Native Plant Communities

Wild Plant Culture is a comprehensive guide to the ecological restoration of native edible and medicinal plant communities in Eastern North America. Written by Wild Ridge Plant’s own Jared Rosenbaum!

Both a practical guide and an evocative read that will transport you deep into the natural landscape, Wild Plant Culture is an essential toolkit for gardeners, farmers, and ecological restoration practitioners, highlighting the important role humans play in tending and mending native plant communities.

Jared Rosenbaum’s Wild Plant Culture is an uncommonly thorough reference book: a primer on plant ecology, restoration biology, and the medicinal and edible properties of the Mid-Atlantic plants around us. But it is much more than that. It is thought-provoking and aspirational. The first chapter alone is worth the price of the book. Jared is taking a risk here. He is hoping that we are smart enough to recognize and act on the wisdom he has so clearly outlined in these pages. I trust that he’s right.

–Doug Tallamy


Published by New Society Publishers.


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What others are saying about Wild Plant Culture:


In Wild Plant Culture Jared Rosenbaum explains how to include our yards, farms, and cities in the edible, ecological restoration process in order to support nature in the same way that preserved areas do. Visionary and practical at the same time, Wild Plant Culture shows us all how we can once again become active, beneficial participants in the web of life.

–Mark Shepard, author of the Amazon Bestseller Restoration Agriculture: Real World Permaculture for Farmers


Wild Plant Culture is a guidebook to healing the ecological wounds of colonialism with a practice that is both revolutionary and ancient: tending native plant communities for the simultaneous benefits of human welfare and wildness. Drawing from his deep knowledge of plant ecology and restoration Jared points us toward long-term, fulfilling relationships with the natural communities of our homelands. The message could not be more timely.

–Samuel Thayer, Author of The Forager’s Harvest


This gorgeous and well-researched book is a delightful must-read for any person interested in restoration of native habitats in cities and beyond, the stories the land tells us, and the edible and medicinal uses embodied in the wild plants around you.

–Dr. Lena Struwe, Rutgers University


This book will help you see the land and plants in new ways. It is a cornucopia of useful information from soils and land use history to plant inventories and useful plants, and the tools to help you learn more.

–Kelly Kindscher, Author of Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie, Ethnobotanist, University of Kansas


WILD PLANT CULTURE tempts us to learn of and to try a multiplicity of tastes, textures, and colors, all from local resources–tended by human care at a human scale.  This thoroughly researched and deeply conceived book can help relieve us of our deep disconnection from the natural world, even as it can lead to the preservation of irreplaceable plant communities, and reacquaint us with the singular delectable tastes that can only be provided by the plants of our native landscapes.

–Gerould Wilhelm, coauthor with Laura Rericha of Flora of the Chicago Region, a Floristic and Ecological Synthesis


Wild Plant Culture by Jared Rosenbaum explores the connections between people and their natural environments. It is a well crafted and important work for anyone who seeks to serve them both.”

–Larry Weaner, Larry Weaner Landscape Associates


Wild Plant Culture: A Guide to Restoring Edible and Medicinal Native Plant Communities

Jared Rosenbaum

November 2022

39.99/296 pages

7.5 x 0.69 x 8.88 inches

Published by New Society Publishers

ISBN 9780865719804