Viburnum acerifolium / Mapleleaf Viburnum


A slim-branched native shrub of upland forests. Clusters of white blooms yield blue-black fruits in fall. In autumn, the shrub’s maple-shaped foliage turns vibrant colors – yellow, deep reds, and dusky purples.

Pairs well with Witch Hazel.

Host plants for the Spring Azure butterfly and numerous moth larvae. Alternate host plant for Baltimore Checkerspot.

NOTE: We are offering this species in quart sized pots. Individuals are approximately 12″ tall.

Height: 4′ – 8′      Blooms: May, June

Siting: Dry to moist/well-drained, part sun to shade

Deer Resistance: Low

Provenance: NJ


BONAP 2022 Viburnum acerifolium Native Range Map

Larval Host Plant (butterflies):
Baltimore Checkerspot
Spring Azure

Larval Host Plant (moths):
Bent-line Gray
Canadian Melanolophia
Chestnut Schizura
Common Lytrosis
Common Pug
Copper Underwing
Crocus Geometer
Distinct Quaker
Elm Spanworm
Harris’ Three-spot
Horrid Zale
Hummingbird Clearwing
Intractable Quaker
Large Maple Spanworm
Purplish-brown Looper
Red-humped Caterpillar
Rose Hooktip
Rusty Tussock
White Slant-line

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Quart, Two Quart, Gallon