The Puddle Garden


A children’s book about native plants, ages 2 to 8.

Author: Jared Rosenbaum; Illustrator: Laura Rosenbaum

Hardcover, 36 pages. Printed in the USA on FSC certified paper.

In this children’s story full of native plants and wildlife, learn how Bear Cub invited friends to his new house – by creating a Puddle Garden. Bear Cub plants cardinal flower, swamp milkweed, elderberry, and more. His garden quickly fills with wild friends from hummingbirds to frogs, and his new home is no longer lonely.

To Purchase:

The Puddle Garden can be ordered at the The Puddle Garden website. Wholesale pricing is available to qualified institutions and resellers. Please contact info [at]

“Read The Puddle Garden to your kids, but while you are reading, please hear its vital message yourself!” —Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home