Ranunculus caricetorum / Swamp Buttercup


A glowing yellow wildflower of forested wetlands, often found in side drainages of rivers and creeks. If you can picture skunk cabbage habitat you’ve pretty much got a bead on this species too. A very pretty plant and often overlooked in the pantheon of showy spring bloomers.

Sometimes referred to a Ranunculus hispidus var. caricetorum, however this species occupies habitat very different from Ranunculus hispidus and we prefer to consider it as a distinct species.

Height: 1′    Blooms: April, May

Habitat:  Moist to wet, part sun to shade

Deer Resistance: High

Provenance: NJ


BONAP 2022 Ranunculus hispidus var. caricetorum Native Range Map

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Three inch pot