Prunus americana / American Plum


American plum! Prolific in flower, colonial in behavior, guarded by thorn-like branchlets — these make excellent wildlife habitat, screening, and hedges. In big fruiting years, they produce hundreds of small, red plums which are great for preserves, juicing, or fresh eating.

Host plant powerhouse! American Plum (Beach Plum and Chokecherry, too) host at least four butterflies and dozens of moths. Butterflies include Coral Hairstreak, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Red Spotted Purple, and Striped Hairstreak.

Height: 8′ – 20′       Blooms: April     Fruits: August

Siting: Average to moist soil, sun to part shade

Provenance: NJ

Deer Resistance: Moderate


BONAP 2022 Prunus americana Native Range Map

Larval Host Plant (butterflies):
Coral Hairstreak
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Red Spotted Purple
Striped Hairstreak

Larval Host Plant (moths):

Alternate Woodling
Bent-line Gray
Black-blotched Schizura
Black-Waved Flannel Caterpillar
Blinded Sphinx
Bold-based Zale
Canadian Melanolophia
Cecropia Moth
Checkered-fringe Prominent
Cherry Dagger
Clear Dagger
Cleft-headed Looper
Common Idia
Common Metarranthis
Confused Woodgrain
Copper Underwing
Crocus Geometer
Dot-lined White
Dotted Gray
Doubled-Lined Gray
Dowdy Pinion
Early Button Slug
Elegant Tailed Slug
Fall Webworm
Filament Bearer
Fluid Arches
Fringed Looper
Giant Leopard Moth
Gray Dagger
Great Tiger Moth
Harris’ Three-spot
Hickory Horned Devil
Interrupted Dagger
Intractable Quaker
Io Moth
Large Maple Spanworm
Large Tolype
Linden Looper
Lunate Zale
Monkey Slug
Norman’s Quaker
Oak Beauty
One-Spotted Variant
Pale Green Pinion
Pin-striped Vermilion Slug
Purpled-crested Slug
Purplish-brown Looper
Radcliffe’s Dagger
Red-crossed Button Slug
Red-winged Sallow
Royal Walnut Moth
Ruby Quaker
Smaller Parasa
Rusty Tussock
Saddleback Looper
Shivering Pinion
Skiff Moth
Small-eyed Sphinx
Speckled Green Fruit Worm
Spiny Oak Slug
Splendid Dagger
Spotted Apatelodes
Spotted Tussock
Stinging Rose Caterpillar
Streaked Tussock
The Bruce Spanworm
Tufted Bird-dropping Moth
Ultronia Underwing
Unicorn Caterpillar
Variable Antepione
White Furcula
White Slant-line
White Spring Moth
White-dotted Prominent
White-marked Tussock
Wooly Gray
Yellow-Haired Dagger Moth
Yellow-shouldered Slug

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