Morella pensylvanica / Bayberry


A semi-evergreen shrub with a rounded habit. Small bluish-grey fruits are eaten and dispersed by yellow-rumped warblers. The fruits’ waxy coating is also used to make bay candles. Foliage used like culinary bay. Nitrogen fixer.

Deer resistant. Creates a beautiful, multi-stemmed thicket over time. Host plant for several moths, including an oddly named one, “The Little Wife”.

Bayberry, bayberry, bayberry. Want to know more – check out our video, blog post, and recipe, all featuring bayberry.

Height: 4′ – 10′      Blooms: May

Siting: Dry to moist, sun to part sun

Deer Resistance: High

Provenance: NJ


BONAP 2022 Morella pensylvanica Native Range Map

Larval Host Plant (moths):
Chain-dotted Geometer
Purpled-crested Slug
Sweetfern Geometer
The Little Wife


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