Gentiana andrewsii / Bottle Gentian


A stunning late-season bloomer, with blue-purple tubular flowers and glossy foliage. Native to moist meadows, open woods, and shores.

Pictured in here full bloom. Adapted for bumblebee pollination, as they are the only insects strong enough to pry open the flowers!

Gentiana clausa blooms slightly earlier than Gentiana andrewsii, but is otherwise similar in size, form, and habitat. Only minute botanical characteristics separate them.

Height: 1′ – 2′        Blooms: September, October

Siting: Average to wet soil, sun to part shade

Deer Resistance: Low

Provenance: PA


BONAP 2022 Gentiana andrewsii Native Range Map

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Quart, Cube, Three inch pot, Quart