Eutrochium maculatum / Spotted Joe Pye Weed


Spotted Joe Pye weed has deep pink blooms set over dark green whorled foliage and stems. It’s a fantastic focal point in plantings, as it is in the streambanks, fens, and wet meadows that are its native habitat. Smaller statured than its other Joe Pye kin, it makes an ideal subject in a wildflower garden or small meadow.

Formerly classified as Eupatorium maculatum.

Height: 4′ -5′         Blooms: August, September

Siting: Average to wet soil, sun to part shade

Deer Resistance: Medium

Provenance: NJ


BONAP 2022 Eutrochium maculatum Native Range Map

Larval Host Plant (moths):
Common Pug
Haploa spp.

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