Carex squarrosa / Squarrose Sedge


Squarrose sedge is a grass-like plant of wet meadows, marshes, and swamps with a compact, upright form and a seedhead that looks like a medieval mace. Its vertical architecture gives dynamic, structural strength to gardens amd restorations.

A robust groundcover that can help keep weeds at bay. Plant in drifts. Great for rain gardens and thrives in average soils, too.

Host plant for many butterflies, including: Appalachian Brown, Black Dash, Dion Skipper, Dun Skipper, Eyed Brown, Georgia Satyr, Mulberry Wing, and Two-spotted Skipper.


Height: 2′    Blooms: May

Habitat: Moist to wet, sun to part sun

Provenance: NJ


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