Betula lenta / Black Birch


A favorite of ours, the fine twigs and sweet inner bark of this tree make a delicious wintergreen tea with soothing properties. This fast growing tree thrives in forest gaps in well-drained soil. Its silver-purple bark is often graced with seafoam green lichen in maturity, which glows after rainstorms. Has permaculture applications as a dynamic accumulator of soil nutrients and both edible and medicinal properties. Larval host for the Green Comma butterfly.

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NOTE: From late September onward, this species may be dormant (without leaves) while having healthy, vibrant roots and buds that will leaf out the following season.

Height: 40′ – 70′        Blooms: April, May

Siting: Dry to moist soil, sun to part shade

Deer Resistance: High

Provenance: NJ


BONAP 2022 Betula lenta Native Range Map

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