Asimina triloba / Pawpaw


Pawpaw is a lush-foliaged large shrub to small tree with edible fruits. The fruits are rich and custardy, with notes of banana and pineapple. Pawpaw is the only member of the typically tropical custard apple family to have successfully evolved to live this far north; here in New Jersey we’re near the northeast terminus of its range.

In shade, behaves like a tall shrub and like a small tree in full sun. Can be pruned to either a single- or multi-trunk form. Deer resistant.

Host plant for the spectacular zebra swallowtail butterfly and the pawpaw sphinx moth.

Two plants are needed for cross-pollination and fruiting.

Height: 8′ – 24′      Blooms: April – May

Habitat: Rich, moist soil, sun to shade

14″ deep pots have stems 12″+ in height. Gallon pots have stems 28″+ in height.




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Deep Pot 14", Gallon