Asclepias exaltata / Poke Milkweed


A forest-growing milkweed, tall and husky with a starburst of blooms. Primarily found in northern hills, in rich, well-drained soils with a bit of extra light. Looks phenomenal in a boulder-strewn woodland garden or along a shaded edge. Host for Monarch caterpillars, nectar source for many butterflies. Deer resistant. A slow grower and can be picky about siting and transplanting.

This is a specialized, niche-adapted milkweed species. If you are looking to feed monarchs in a garden, you should consider one of the common, easy-to-grow species such as swamp milkweed or common milkweed.

Height: 3′ – 5′        Blooms: June

Habitat: Well-drained, sun to part shade

Provenance: NJ




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