Aronia melanocarpa / Black Chokeberry


Gorgeous fall color. Neat form. Edible “superfood” fruit. Spring blooms. There’s a lot to like about this moderate-height shrub. In the wild, it grows in both wetlands and on hot, dry ridgelines — from cracks in rocks! It’s versatile and forms attractive thickets which provide habitat for song birds. Its fruits are very high in antioxidants and make an enjoyable juice and preserves – they are not very sweet when ripe.

Hosts Coral and Striped Hairstreaks, and moths. See below.

Height: 3′ – 8′      Blooms: May

Siting: Wet to dry, sun to part shade

Deer Resistance: Moderate


Larval Host Plant (butterflies):
Coral Hairstreak
Striped Hairstreak

Larval Host Plant (moths):
Radcliffe’s Dagger Moth
Large Lace-Border

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