Forest Restoration Guild

Our Forest Restoration Guild answers the need for restoration-quality native plant materials for upland forest habitats.

This suite features herbaceous and shrub species that are fundamental building blocks for restoring the forest understory.

  • Nursery-propagated here at Wild Ridge Plants
  • From genetically diverse, local ecotypic seed collections
  • Grown using all natural methods, in an organic potting mix
  • Our growing methods yield hardy, adaptable, restoration- ready plants
  • Available wholesale to qualified customers as container plants in various sizes

Explore the Forest Restoration Guild™. 

Our catalog features over 50 native wildflowers, shrubs, and trees for upland forest restoration. Plus, lists for open woodland, mesic forest, deer resistant, and native permaculture. 24 pages. Download now.

Or, browse the Forest Restoration Guild on our online catalog.

Contact us for assistance in the selection of appropriate species, rooted in our extensive field experience. / (908) 319-7230