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Botanical surveys in natural lands

Ecological Restoration Services

Ecological Restoration & Botanical Surveys

We're here to help you steward plant communities for ecological health, beauty, and abundance. 

Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner Jared Rosenbaum performs botanical fieldwork to create a narrative about a site’s biodiversity and history which reveals its restoration potential and priorities.

Our team approaches land stewardship holistically, based on our broad experience in habitat restoration, field botany, invasive species management, rare species monitoring, floristic quality assessment, edible and medicinal plant uses, and inspiring deeper connections between people and plants.

Jared Rosenbaum has performed comprehensive botanical surveys on well over 10,000 acres of preserved land in New Jersey. These include comprehensive monographs with management recommendations, as well as targeted rare plant surveys. On larger properties, he is often accompanied by our colleague Kerry Barringer, PhD.

Jared has extensive experience with Floristic Quality Assessment, which allows for quantitative comparisons between plant communities and over time.


Selected botanical survey sites include:

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