Restore, Naturalize & Know Your Landscape

Wild Ridge Plants’ stewardship consulting services bring people and plants closer together. We work with institutions, non-profits,┬ábusinesses, landowners, and land managers interested in stewarding plant communities for ecological health, beauty, diversity, and abundance. We offer on-site or distance consultation services.


Our Approach

Jared Rosenbaum and Rachel Mackow of Wild Ridge Plants approach land stewardship holistically, based on our broad experience in habitat restoration, field botany, invasive species management, rare species monitoring, edible and medicinal plant uses, and inspiring deeper connections between people and plants.

Jared Rosenbaum is a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner by the Society for Ecological Restoration. Rachel Mackow is a member of the New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team’s Technical Advisory Committee. Read more about us.

Wild Ridge Plants – Native Plant Stewardship Services

Restoration & Gardening Services

Native Wildflowers, Trees, and Shrubs in the Landscape
Wild Ridge Plants recommends a palette of native plants that reflects their inherent beauty, texture, and vibrancy in both formal and informal settings. We create lawn-to-meadow projects, hedgerows, and wildlife plantings.

Native Plants in Deer Country
We recommend beautiful, habitat-appropriate, deer-resistant native plants. We can also assist in implementing deer management and deterrent techniques.

Wildlife Habitat Gardens & Restorations
We design restoration projects for wildlife – birds, pollinators and other wildlife. Our stewardship plans establish a maintenance calendar that benefits the life cycles of local fauna. We restore wild and semi-wild areas–fields, meadows, shrublands, and forests of all sizes.

Native Edible & Medicinal Plants
We create spaces where native edible and medicinal plants thrive. We help stewards and gardeners to engage with the traditional, edible, and medicinal uses of plants.


Stewardship & Botanical Services

Botanical Surveys
Wild Ridge Plants provides comprehensive botanical surveys of natural plant communities. We develop rare plant monitoring and restoration protocols.

Stewardship & Restoration Plans
We create stewardship plans that guide restoration based upon sound stewardship goals. We work with land and farm managers and foresters to enhance native plant communities in forests, meadows, and fields.

Invasive Plants
We identify invasive plants and offer guidance on techniques to manage specific invasive plants strategically.


Nursery Services

Custom Growing
Wild Ridge Plants undertakes custom growing projects, including on-site seed collecting.

Seedbank Assays
We offer seedbank assays for baseline assessments and to guide restoration practices.


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